3 Apps To Trace Mobile Number Current Location

Trace mobile number current location using these apps. These applications will get you the details of the caller, including location and address, let’s see how.

So today we are looking at a way you can track down the mobile phone number and get the current location of a caller in real time.

This applications as are easily and freely downloadable from the internet.

They are also legal as you’ll trace any number that calls or get in contact with you.

They are developed to help people out so that innocent victims  won’t get scammed or harmed, by fake scammers with fake numbers.

So if all you want is to get to know the number that is contacting you, to know whether it is legit, whether they have good intentions or not then these apps are for you.

But if you have bad intentions, that is to spy on others in other to gather information about that person in other to harm or scam them, then this applications may not help you.

For all intents and purposes use these applications as a means of protection not for getting back at someone.

The 3 apps to trace mobile number current location


1. Truecaller

3 apps to trace phone numbers

Much has been said of Truecaller but the truth is, Truecaller can do much for security, you can use Truecaller to find details of unknown mobile or landline phone numbers. The details may include the name, address, and location of that particular caller. The TrueCaller app can block unwanted calls too, It instantly tells you who is calling before you pick up the call. Using TrueCaller, you can easily trace any mobile number.

How to use Trucaller on your phone

There are 5 ways to do this

1. Search for numbers manually
Enter the number and search see what it turns up.

2. Search for numbers as you dial
To do this you’ll have to download the Truecaller app for Android, then as you dial the number Truecaller searches and brings out information for you.

3. Search via Truecaller Live Caller ID
Truecaller’s powerful Live Caller ID will help identify the number before you answer the call, provided you have s strong 4G/3G network.

4. Search for names
This comes in handy if you meet someone in a gathering you can simply do a search of his or her name, you can then access their profile, along with their phone numbers.

If the profile is set to private, you’ll have to contact Truecaller directly, dont worry, give them a good reason and they’ll give you what you want.

5. Use Auto-Search

With this widget installed Truecaller Auto-Search will do the work for you.

Just Copy and paste a number from anywhere on your Android, and the widget will identify it for you.

2. FindandTrace

Trace phone numbers

This helps you to get caller information like location, network operator, state, search history, and many other things.

Find and trace tracks phones numbers of people and they get uploaded in their database. They are specially consigned with phone numbers that have a bad rep. Therefore people complaining of a shady phone number it gets registered in their database.

3. Use IP

Using IP address is an old but effective way to trace someone, you can get someone’s location and details just by using the IP.

– Visit Iplogger.co website then enter an URL of an image

– Share that URL with people you want to trace. Once they visit that link you’ll get their details.

These apps are mostly free, therefore use them with care.


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