3 Free Ways To Unblock Websites At School On Chrome

3 Free Ways to Unblock Websites At School On Chrome

That moment you need to go on the net, perhaps you want to do some research or you just want to have fun, only to find out that you can’t access your intended websites as the school has limited or blocked access to it.

These restrictions are frustrating, not just because of the blocked access, but because you may miss what you want to go through that website, especially if those things are time sensitive.

We will see how to unlock or unblock websites at school; through the one of the wold’s popular browser Chrome.

You will know how to do it for free, using the available resources you already have. We will try to make use of already free tools that are available, which is actually enough to unblock major websites.

We will do this in two ways or methods, all free.

1. The first method is Using well-known Websites
Since you are in school chances are websites like Google.com Yahoo.com or Windows may be left open to encourage students to use them for perhaps academic research purposes. You can take advantage of that to unblock so many websites.

Here is how to do these 

– Use any of the major translator services like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Yahoo Babel Fish. I’m picking one which Google translate.

– Open it and type the website you want to visit on the field, leave the language as English, or you can change it to the language you can understand.

– Hit enter, if all goes well the site should open.

The disadvantages of this method are

– Security: Some tech guys can still track you, as your IP address will certainly point the way to you.

– This may not open all the websites.

2. Use Proxy : Proxies are -one way many people use to unblock blocked websites, they act as a way an intermediary a way to trick the system and link you up to the intended website you want to visit;.

Proxies are majorly two type the free ones and the paid ones. The free ones can get the job done since I’m assuming you want to open basic web pages. The only downside of free proxies is the inability to find live ones, most of the free proxies available are dead, including the one I recommended, so you do have to dig deep to get other free ones, or contact me I’ll see whether I can assist you.

But if you have the money, you can go for the paid ones as these ones are reliable.

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