How To Fix Fortnite Mic Not Working On PC

Here is how to fix Fortnite mic not working on PC, it’s disappointing if that happens. Especially so when you can’t use the mic for voice chat in Fortnite game on your personal computer. It’s even more so when you’ve done the basic things you ought to do, to no avail. If someone can’t hear people chatting to other gamers or they can’t hear you chatting to them, ... »

Best Way To Download All DLL files For Windows

Best Way To Download All DLL Files For Windows

Here are the DLL files for your Windows PC. You can now download them for free in zip and another format, you’ll see how to do this in the best possible way. But before you download these DLL files you have to take note of some things before you download and install these DLL files or any DLL file for that matter. – Most DLL files online are not safe, not just because of viruses but be... »

How To Fix iMessage Activation Unsuccessful Error

How To Fix iMessage Activation Unsuccessful Error

If you run into iMessage activation problems, don’t worry too much you can still easily activate it on your iOS device. Just follow this simple steps to fix your problems.  I message or Facetime happen to display one or all if the message below Waiting for activation, Activation unsuccessful, An error occurred during activation. Could not sign in, please check your network con... »