How To Fix Fortnite Mic Not Working On PC

How To Fix Fortnite Mic Not Working On PC

Here is how to fix Fortnite mic not working on PC, it’s disappointing if that happens. Especially so when you can’t use the mic for voice chat in Fortnite game on your personal computer.

It’s even more so when you’ve done the basic things you ought to do, to no avail.

If someone can’t hear people chatting to other gamers or they can’t hear you chatting to them, you have a serious problem.

If you have this problem, and you can’t get your Fortnite Mic to work properly on your end, know that you are not alone.

All over the internet. PC gamers like you and I, are experiencing this problem. You get this question on Reddit, on Quora and many other online forums that I belong to they all want one thing. To know the answer on how to fix this Fortnite microphone not working issue, whether is the voice chat or push to talk feature.

I was able to fix my own and that of others. Here are the steps you need to follow in other to get your Fortnite Mic working again. I hope this helps someone out, maybe we might meet during games.

But first things first let’s see the root causes of this problem.

Why Fornite mic may refuse to work?

There are lots of reasons that can contribute to this issue, but the major ones are outlined here. If your Fortnite mic is not working properly or working at all chances are the root cause of the problem is one of the below issues.

Because 90 percent of this type of fault is due to these major issues.

Drivers: One of the root cause of Fortnite mic not working is the issue of computer drivers not compatible or simply outdated.

For Fortnite you’ll need to check the driver responsible for sound. To this Goto > computer > right click on properties > Device manager > scroll and select sound video and game controller > expand them, select one and right select update driver software. Do this for the remaining ones.

Windows update: Many PC users don’t pay attention to this aspect of the computer. Some of us to turn this feature off, because of the bandwidth or data issue. Well check this place and update the ones marked important, that is if you don’t want to update all, but if you can please do for the overall health of your PC.

To do this Goto search (start in windows 7, and 10, for 8 and 8.1 windows +c) type in windows update.

From there you can make the changes you want to.

Fortnite game: Yeah it’s no accident for a large part of gamers to experience this particular problem, maybe it is an issue that has to do with the game itself. We hope that they will investigate and perhaps release a new version of the game.

Meanwhile, you need to fix this issue yourself.

Here are the practical things you need to do for this error to go away.

You need to do the basics

The first thing you need to do is to properly turn on your Fortnite Mic. To do this

– Press “Esc” and select the > settings icon.

– On the top icons select the “Settings” icon again.

– Move down to “Push to Talk” option and “Voice Chat” then turn them both ON.

– If voice chat refused to work even with those on, turn both of them off, apply settings and turn them back on.

– For changing key binding for the push to talk go to the > Arrow Keys icon, then click the push to talk setting and press your desired push to talk keybind, default key is T.

If this doesn’t work move over to the next step.

2. Do a bit more to your PC

– Locate the sound setting on the bottom right of your computer (on the desktop page).

– Right-click to recording devices > right click microphone > left click Properties, go to levels and turn the mic up to 80, then Mic boost level to 30 db.


  • – Go to my computer right click > properties > device manager. Or you can just search for device manager windows search option.
  • – Goto audio inputs and outputs.
  • – Disable the mics by right-clicking on them and disabling.
  • – Take a look at the sound setting for the mic bar, it should start moving.
  • – Then re-enabled the mics, it should now work even if you reboot.

Hope this fixed it for you because it fixed mine and many others too.

If there are other ways to fix this other than the above, you share with fellow gamers through comment.

This should fix it, meanwhile here is the official word about this from Fortnite support.

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