How To Get Custom Wedding Invitation Cards Online

v)How To Get Custom Wedding Invitation cards OnlineThese are currently the top sites to get custom wedding invitation cards online, many people have the luxury of choosing lots of designs, and lots of styles, to make that special day memorable, so the groom and bride will look back on that day and smile in satisfaction.

These websites can be used to design one’s wedding invitation adding whatever that is needed, including customization even down to the text and clours in any shape and size.

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What is a custom wedding invitation card?

A custom wedding invitation is an invitation card that is designed for a particular wedding occasion with the unique features of that particular occasion added to the design, with the input of whoever has a say in the design, usually the groom and bride.

The design can have such things as the groom and bride’s picture, custom fonts and colors, logos, icons, unique background, and many other features.

How do I get custom wedding invitation cards online?

To get custom wedding invitation card online you have to make use of some websites, these websites are actually designed sites that make designing these cards as easy as a,b,c.

If you don’t have time to design using the traditional native graphics software like Coral draw or an offline application, these sites are actually for you.

Some do have drag and drop features in case you want to design to your taste, this drag and drop features is used to add different things to the design, with it you can add and customize the text changing the font size, color, and style, you can also add photo to the design either .jpg and png format. in case you want to personalize it.

Some of this sites are paid, but they do offer a free version of their services. As with anything free, there is always a catch, either all the templates are not available or all the free designs you do are watermarked, some also have restrictions on how one downloads the designed ones, including usage right.

Picked out the ones that have as few restrictions as possible while still maintaining the design quality. So every invitation someone ends up designing using any of the listed websites will be top notch. You too can use this top online website to get wedding invitation cards customized.

The online design websites For designing Wedding Invitation

1. Canva: Canva is free and at the same time they have the paid version, what this means is you can use their services for free, but you have to go premium if you want to use their advanced features.

The major difference between the free version and the paid version of Canva is the watermark aspect, that is having the Canva logo and text in the finished design. If you don’t mind having watermarked invitation cards, use the free option, if your mind go for the premium.

How to use Canva to design custom wedding invitation card

– Visit and register, fill in the spaces with your email and names.

– Visit your mail’s inbox to activate your account. You should be on the free plan. You can upgrade if you want to.

– Select from two options create from blank or premade template or create your own template.

– Add icons, pictures from their library or upload yours. Then save or share.

A) Creating your own template involves creating your design from scratch yourself, you can set the color, text font size, style etc.

– Choose a document type from the homepage search bar. This will open the editor with a blank page. From there start designing.

B) For blank template/premade template

– Select from a list of template either blank or premade

– You can then start customizing from there, using the already existing layout, just replace each feature with your own version.

– After which you save to your hard drive or share on social media.

 2. Adobe spark free and paid: Just like Canva Adobe spark is free and they do have paid version too. Spark is the flagship of Adobe when it comes to online design, most of their design software like Photoshop, InDesign are offline.

For Spark it is a way to make designing easier, users who have little or no knowledge can design whatever they want to design easily and end up having quality designs.

How to design a custom wedding invitation card with Adobe spark

– Register for an account at, verify it.

– Go back to the site, scroll down and go to make a design.

– Selected cards, there is no wedding card on the option, don’t worry just select Valentine’s card or thank you card, you can also select ecard and customize it further.

–  If you’re logged out, you’ll be asked to log in or register.

– Once logged in, select a template and start customizing.

– When finished save or share.

Note: Spark has Android and iOS applications, which you’ll be asked to download the app if you’re on mobile, the truth is you won’t be asked you’ll be forced. To avoid that go with your PC.

3. Fojojet: Another free design website that has paid features, like the above two. Fojojet is online based on lots of design templates that are created with simplicity in mind.

It has a drag and drops feature for easier customization.

How to use Fotojet to design custom wedding invitation cards

– Visit at


– Click get started, you’ll be prompted to register or log in.

– Pick from a list of photo card templates and photos and customize your card.

– Save or share it your choice.

If you want someone else to do it for you, you need something completely unique you can hire some from these platforms, prices start from $5.

4. Fiverr: For as little as 5 dollars you can hire someone to design a custom wedding invitation card for you.

You can specify what you want to the seller. We also offer these services get in contact with us.

5. Upwork: Another paid platforms to get your design customized. Just like Fiverr. Here you’ll get sellers that specializes in these types of design.

You pay they deliver. You can also hire us to get done for you.

However, if you want to print them, you’ll have to set the proper dimensions of your card when designing or before saving them. Many people also make them into colleges, this makes it easier to print multiple copies of the card, it will be like printing a passport, you only need scissors to separate them individually.

Designs done this way are easier, inexpensive, and faster than the traditional means of designing wedding cards. With online design one can even send these wedding invitations as electronic cards, sending them via email, Facebook, WhatsApp (think status, profile pic, group upload) or any other form social media that support picture upload.

It can also be exported and printed if you prefer the hard copy.


If you prefer the simple list you can check the top online sites to get custom wedding cards

Therefore one needs to take advantage of this, design and share, design and print or design and do both. Whatever your choice you are free to do.

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