Top 2 Free Facebook Downloader Apps For Android

Here are the applications that will download any video off Facebook and save it to your android phone. 

There are a lot of apps on Play store promises to help you download videos off Facebook but many simply no longer work, some that do are slow and may end using a lot of time to download a small video, they also are filled with ads.
Well, the best apps for downloading FB videos are not even on the Google play store they can be downloaded elsewhere and they are free.
Unfortunately, for now, there is only one free 100% working apk app for android phone, the others are online based. 
But with that single app, you are covered you won’t even need the remaining two online apps.
Let’s look at the two apps that will get you this videos off Facebook.
1. Tubemate: This android application is one the best video downloader for Android phones and tablets, it is in apk file format so you have to download it. Download here.
– Install and open it
– Tap the left sidebar to bring up some options, select Facebook from the dropdown list.
– Log in to your Facebook account and download the video you want, or you can simply search for the video using the search bar on the Facebook account.
– When you see the video you want to download tap the red arrow button to download. Refresh if you did not see the red download button it will come out.
Top 2 Free Facebook Downloader Apps For Android
– Select the appropriate file quality and give it a name then download. You can download in HD if available.
– Please watch this video demonstration if you are confused.
2. Using online downloader: This requires no download, nor does it requires installation this app is online, so what you need to do is to get the URL of the video you want to download then paste it on the filed meant for it.
One of the best online app for this 
Clipconver: This application has lots of features, this include option to convert your video to mp3 or audio, to download in low, medium or HD quality. It also saves directly to your phone’s gallery.
To use this 
– Find the video you want to download and copy the URL 
– Open up the app, and paste the copied URL on the space meant for it.
– Select the format, quality, and the type. 
– Click download and you are done. (Watch this video if you’re confused)
That’s all, newer working apps will be added as soon as I verify that they are working.

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