Top 4 100 Percent Free Dating Apps

So many people love free things, they want to get things for or at a giveaway price, this especially when one does not know much about something, you’ll like to test the waters and make sure it is safe before jumping in.

That is why they have free dating apps and paid dating apps, this caters to all sorts of people, the one for those are on limited budget, or people who are broke and the ones who want to go all in.

You might be wondering if these websites are totally free especially during this period of monetizing everything even down to 1 cent, well to be honest while many of these websites appear 100% free on the outside, on the inside they still find ways to make users part with there money, but the key thing here is we will be able to use their main features without paying a dime, although there are actually completely FREE websites they are mainly for chat and you don’t even get to view profiles, so they are kind of difficult to date on.

Another key feature of this app is the location function, for instance, if you stay in Texas the app will scan for matches around your area, though you can still move further even to Los Angeles or London.

1. OkCupid

Top 4 100% Free Dating Apps

One of the popular dating websites out there. It is simple really register, fill up your profile and start looking for your specs male or female.

Download for iOS and Android HERE


2. Tinder

Top 4 100% Free Dating Apps

This one is popular too, they are free on the main things that matter, downloading the app from Play store for Android or from Apple store is free, registration is free, chatting and matches are free, you only pay if you want to upgrade. But if you want to need it hundred percent free you can.

You can download here.

3. PlentyOfFish

Top 4 100% Free Dating Apps

Plenty of Fish is another good free dating app out there in the world. Just like its name, there are plenty of fishes in the ocean.

Enter the ocean by downloading the app, then fish out the ones that catch your fancy for dating who knows you may end up marrying him or her.

You can have a go at this by downloading this app using

4. Grindr

Top 4 100% Free Dating Apps

To grind out dating or even wife material you have to search well, and this application can help you do just that.

It is free to use so you don’t have to worry about payment. Just download, register and start contacting the ones you love.

Download HERE

Here you have it these are the top mobile applications for dating which are totally free. They are totally free in the sense that they don’t require credit card nor payment details before you can start using their core functions.

If there is payment to be made, it will be for additional services which you can do without.

Are there any 100%free dating applications you know if you can point it out, I’ll investigate and add it to this list.

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