Top 4 Sites To Create Free Facebook Cover Photos

We find out free things on the Internet for you via and you can get the Facebook cover photo for free, not just any random cover photo but ones you can create and use. It will be original as you’ll get a chance to customize it yourself.
Top 4 Sites To Create Free Facebook Cover Photos
These are online websites have already made templates this template supports space for customization, that is 
– Adding your own photos as background or choosing theirs
– Adding custom text to different text formats and style with different fonts and other text formatting option.
– Automatic sizing, it sizes your design accordingly
– Supports cropping, resizing, erasing etc
– Can share straight from the design panel or download. 
And many other design features.
Let’s look at the top 4 websites to get your design needs
1. Adobe spark: Adobe sparks one of the top design sites for getting free cover photos for your Facebook page, group or your personal profile. 
– Just sign up with your email address 
– Sign in and start creating, you’ll find the user interface easy to understand.
2. Canva: This online website is used by many popular companies, they have way more design examples and templates all divided into categories than Spark. 
– Sign up with them either with your Google, Facebook or email address
– Choose Facebook cover as your design style and pick a template from the many categories available.
– Start designing, again the user interface is easy to work with.
3. Fotor Fotor work basically just like the two above, they have already made templates which are designed for modification.
– Sign up with an email address

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